Through experience and vision, A.F. Shepherd delivers striking novels. My dedication to mastering the craft, paired with a unique vision and sensibility, shape all that I do.


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No Escape from My Mate

When Angela mother is brutally murdered right before her eyes, she vows to get revenge no matter what the cost. Unfortunately, the only person who can help her is Alexander an arrogant alpha male werewolf who is intent on claiming her as his own. Desperate to find another avenue she runs to the only male that she has been able to rely on for the last ten years only to learn that he harbors a dark secret of his own. As more and more secrets unravel, she finds herself thrown into a more sinister and dangerous world and realizes that Alexander is the only one who can help her.


If Faith wants to save her own life she must submit to an arrogant self-obsessed were panther and a vampire who harbors many secrets, save her best friend, thwart her mother evil scheme, and help to save all of humanity from extinction.